Funny Magic Tricks And DIY illusion That You Can Do

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the magic show! Today we have a special presentation prepared for you. We will not be showing you magic tricks; instead, we’ll show you how to they’re done! After this video, we’ll all be magicians and illusionists! Put on your cape and get your wand; magic is about to be done (or undone?) First, we’ll show you how to do the disappearing pencil trick. Hint: it doesn’t really go away—it’s just hidden! Then, we’ll show you how to turn a spoon into a fork just by putting it inside your mouth. The trick is having both ends available! Are you thirsty? How about a magical cocktail? You’ll learn how the trick of turning water into ice works, and let us tell you, we were absorbed by it! If you want to freak your friends out, then the levitating iPhone over the toilet should get the job done. And we’ll also show you how to make someone look like a giant!


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